CS/CJ Programming Manual The CS/CJ-series PLCs comply with EC Directives. To ensure that the machine or device in which the CS/CJ-series PLC is used complies with EC Directives, the PLC must be installed as follows

Programming Console Operation Manual Any of the following Programming Consoles can be used with CS/CJ-series PCs: CQM1H-PRO01-E, CQM1-PRO01-E and the C200H-PRO27-E. The Key Sheet and Connecting Cables listed below are required

Ethernet Units CS1W-ETN01 Introduces the overall structure of an Ethernet network, outlines the features of the EthernetUnit, describes the communications protocols used by an Ethernet network, and provides basic precautions for use of an Ethernet network
SYSMAC Controller Link Units This manual describes the installation, setup, and operation of the C200HW-CLK21, CS1W-CLK21,CJ1W-CLK21, CVM1-CLK21, and CQM1H-CLK21 Controller Link Units for CQM1H-series, C200HX/HG/HE, CS/CJ-series, CVM1, and CV-series PLCs and includes the sections described below


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