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 PLC Cable Link
   PLC Omron cable Link
   Mitsubishi A1SJ71C24R
   PLC Omron &ProFace   
   Mitsubishi SC-02N Link
   Siemens OPcable link   
   PLC Idec cable Link
   Mitsubishi AJ71C21
   Mitsubishi AJ71C24
 PLC Secondhand 
   Keyence-24 AT  
   Mitsubishi Training Set
   PLC Micro-1 IDEC   
   PLC & MMI Visual C++
   Protect CPU C200HE
   Plc touch screen
   Plc data logging
   Plc direct
   Plc lamp
   Plc Program Blog
   The codecA/D & D/A.
   PLC Story
   PLC Module Interface
   Servo motor control
Syswin Ver 3.4 Domo Software This is software for the plcs Omron
use for running program C-Series and other model of the PLC omron
can create ladder diagram for do the basics PLC
ZEN Software Trial Version This software use for the PLC
Omron is small type of the PLC OMRON in side software have funtion
simulator for simulat the funtion you write in the ZEN harware this
version is for trial give you play 30 days
CX-Programmer Software Function Block Introduction Guide
This funtion helpfull for do the ladder is recurrence in side the file
you can learn and try make the ladder is easy for do the software

Host Link Units for Use With C-Series Rack PC's This file usefull for
learn about how can connect the cable link RS422 and RS232C  
Computer programming degree Coming soon 

   KV Series Windows
   ZEN Programmable
   Twido Programmable
   SIMATIC S7-200
   T1 Micro PLCs
   PLC Store
   Ge fanuc plc
   Process automation
   Dc servo motor
Recommended Book
   Programmable logic  


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